Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How about a formal before post?

Considering my New Year's resolution for the past three years has been to start a blog, I might as well start with some before pictures.  And maybe some background.

Scott and I bought our first house in the charming neighborhood of Dundee in March 2013.  We officially moved in on July 22, 2013.  I was in Physician Assistant school at that time so we decided to postpone any major house projects until after my graduation (and our wedding).  Unfortunately that did not happen.  6 months in we found out our very charming (and original) tile roof was shot.  So that got replaced.  8 months in our heater/air conditioner bit the dust.  So that got replaced.  The leaking roof destroyed our exterior paint.  So we painted the outside of our house and reglazed/replaced some rotted windows.  Since then we have also mini-renovated our kitchen and landscaped.

But to make this sound all the more impressive, here is our house's listing pictures in 2013.